Website Designer & Developer



About Me

Hello, I’m Don. I’ve Been Building Websites For Almost 20 Years!

 At the end of 2000 I started a website design business with a friend.  In the beginning we provided website design services, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), and eventually added  domain registration and hosting as well.  As our customers needed more and more help with their computer systems, desktop and server support was also added.  We became a one-stop-shop for all of your business technology needs.

Since those early years a lot has changed.  Platforms like WordPress has made built-from-scratch websites less common, although once in a while a full custom website is still the right choice.  Trying to stay current on computer systems AND web technology became a big challenges.  So over the last several years website design and development have been the focus.

My life before website design brings business experience from well outside the website design world.  This experience includes customer service, retail sales, procurement, manufacturing, packaging, shipping/receiving, import/export, logistics, accounting, sales and marketing.  I apply this extensive background to every project I work on.  I’m a firm believer in ‘the right tool for the right job’. 

My additional experience in business processes has helped me develop those tools, websites and processes, for my clients over the last couple of decades.



My Vision

The Don Miller Design goal is to provide the best customer experience possible.  Your project should achieve not just a website but an ongoing SOLUTION to your business website needs.

Whether you just need assistance with website maintenance, a major website update, or a complete website project, I want Don Miller Design to be your first thought.

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build


Your website is a tool for your business. The first step in the process is to determine what this tool needs to accomplish and clearly define the goals and expectations of the site.


With the tasks, goals and expectations of the site well defined, the design process can begin. Features, technology, and aesthetics are established during the website design.


Every project experiences a certain amount of evolution. The original vision often requires adjustments due to real world challenges. This opportunity to refine the rough edges is an integral part of website development.


Once the building blocks of the project are in place through the Define, Design, and Refine steps, it will be time to Build the website. It’s time to make all the brainstorming and planning a reality.