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My Process


Your website is a tool for your business.  The first step in the process is to determine what this tool needs to accomplish and clearly define the goals and expectations of the site.


With the tasks, goals and expectations of the site well defined, the design process can begin.  Features, technology, and aesthetics are established during the website design.


Every project experiences a certain amount of evolution.  The original vision often requires adjustments due to real world challenges.  This opportunity to refine the rough edges is an integral part of website development.


Once the building blocks of the project are in place through the Define, Design, and Refine steps, it will be time to Build the website.  It’s time to make all the brainstorming and planning a reality.

Website Design

Website design includes many elements.  Who is it for?  What should it look like?  How will it achieve the goals set out for it?  Why is a website needed in the first place?  All good questions.  Don Miller Design can help you answer these questions… and more.   

Website Design

During your website design consider the end user you want to attract to your business.  A lot of thought and planning goes into an effective design.

Branding & Logo

Is your current logo ready for your website?  Does it scale easily?  Does it look as good on a phone as it does on a desktop screen?  Do you need digital artwork or even a new logo design?  Your logo is a major part of your branding, but it’s not the only part.  Your logo and website design together are driving forces when it comes to branding.

Content Strategy

“Content is King!”  It’s a long honored, but often forgotten phrase.  Content that is relevant, well organized, and easily accessible will contribute more to your website design than any other feature.  With good content, your website visitors will thank you and the search engines will reward you with more effective ranking.

Website Development

Website Development is different than website design.  More than what the website looks like and how it works, website development considers your business process, the needs of the business, and the future of the site.  What makes sense for you and your business?

Built From Scratch

Is a website built from scratch the right solution for you and how you do business?  The cost of a site built from scratch is usually higher.  However, designs can be more flexible without the limitations of a  premade template.  Let us help you determine if the ‘built from scratch’ option is the way to go for your business.

Choose a Premade Template

Premade templates are huge time savers.  Today there are a lot to choose from!  With a premade template you can spend less and get your website up faster.  However, be sure the premade template will do everything you need it to do.  Many have limited features.  Let us help you determine if a premade template is right for your project.

Maintenance & Updates

Whether you already have a website or you are about to build it, remember that a website is not a ‘set and forget’ thing.  To keep your website both effective AND secure it will need a certain amount of attention.  With regular maintenance and updates your website will perform better and be current longer.  Ask us how we can help you get the most out of your website.

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